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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Did we make the deadline?

Well, maybe not quite yet, but we’ll try harder next time! Anyhow, this is a surprise pick up, so let’s see what we have here. Comic Girls begins by introducing our heroine, Kaoruko Moeta. She’s a 15 year old first year in high school, and a manga creator. Unfortunately her work isn’t doing so well. In a readers survey she ranked at the very bottom. Still, her editor foresee special talent in her. As such she recommends that Kaoruko join a female dormitory for manga creators. By viewing and learning from others hopefully she can blossom forth to her true potential.

Upon arrival to her new living space we’re introduced to, Koyume Koizuka. She will be Kaoruko’s roommate, and is a fellow newcomer hoping learn from the senpais. The senpais these two will be learning from are, Tsubasa Katsuki and Ruki Irokawa. These two are young pros that both have serialized series. Furthermore, in order to kick things off the two newcomers are eager to help out in anyway possible. It just so happens that Tsubasa is facing a tight deadline for her next release. It may take all 4 cast members to finish in time, but this short period of bounding has already brought them all very close to one another.

Overall expect this to be journey where all the girls help one another to grow, and become better manga creators. On the side I’m sure will get plenty of cute moments, too! Additionally, I gotta say for a first episode Comic Girls was very well drawn. I’ve only watched one other show Nexus has produced, but so far things are looking great. Anyways, let’s dive on in now. Enjoy and get ready to learn!





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Will we make the the deadline next time? Find out real soon here at, Anime Solution! We’ve got plenty of more Comic Girls to go.

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