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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Time for a tale of betrayal and love.

At this point it’s no secret that Arato’s friends have no issues going against him. However, the extent at which Ryou goes truly pushes the limits. I hope Arato isn’t so willing to forgiven him after the events of this episode. Giving the go ahead to have your friend little sister kidnapped, not okay. Additionally, Ryou will now be joining the front lines. Methode and Ryou, have now come together as one. Their union will also be spelling the end for, Watarai.

Before Watarai can bite the dust, Yuka still needs to be saved. The situation with the rampaging hIEs only continues to grow worse. As such Arato heads for the source of the infection. Inside the server room he confronts not only Watarai, but Snowdrop as well. Eventually Lacia is able to link back up with Arato, but she faces a difficult choice. She can only safely secure one person, or let Watarai have ownership of her. Lacia at first decides to let Watarai become her owner, however Arato doesn’t want the one he loves to be beside another. In order to keep Lacia from going he confesses his love for her. Those words got to her just in time. Now, Lacia can pull out everything in order to secure today’s victory.

Well, looks like two childhood friends will be clashing going forward. Arato isn’t willing to give up on Lacia, and I gotta same I’m proud of him. His confession of love really boosted his character up quite a bit. Hopefully their love goes somewhere after this. I’m not sure they’ll mange it in their hectic world, but I’m rooting for them. Furthermore, it should be noted that Beatless reviews have moved here. Going forward Beatless will be posted here either Sunday or Monday. This is due to the airing time of several new shows being covered here. Next week I’ll have the schedule more straighten out for sure. Anyhow, let’s get to the media already. Enjoy the betrayal!





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A second reminder that the posting time of Beatless reviews have moved. Beatless will have a secured spot for either Sunday or Monday going forward. Please continue to look forward to more, and see you soon!

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