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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 25

by Yumiko

Time for Charmy to shine!

Yuno may have blown Catherine away, but she’s not done yet. However, flying into the banquet hall where Charmy is located would be her undoing. Don’t get between Charmy and her food or else! Meanwhile, our main trio are in for one rude awakening. Fuegoleon was taken last episode, and now he’s back. Although he wasn’t returned whole. Fuegoleon is down for the count and missing an arm. The invaders now have what they came for, but Asta isn’t willing to let them get away after what they’ve done. Stopping them may have been wrong call as reinforcements for this mysterious organization have suddenly shown up. Our trio are now circled, still all hope isn’t lost just yet. Asta is willing to fight to the very end!

All right, we’re just about at the half way point here for Black Clover reviews. Now, I know we’re still two weeks behind here, but I’m hoping fix that up during this season. As you may or may not know my house burnt down, and I had stop reviewing for a 2 week period. Even after that reviews were pretty difficult to turn out working on a 10 year old laptop. Still, I’m glad I’ve been able to continue on with Black Clover. This show was actually one of the main reasons I started up Anime Solution. The anime may not be the best by a long shot, but I’m still happy to give it a weekly review. Anyhow, the arc is coming to its end soon here. So, let’s enjoy the media while we can!





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They may be surrounded, but their not alone. Find out who comes save the day next time here at, Anime Solution!

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