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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Peace is just time between wars.

As we saw in Ctrigall last week, some people are not ready to move on. The anti-peace faction is now on the move to ignite the flames of war again across the continent. This comes at the worse possible time since a peace treaty to unite the nations is about to be signed. If these radicals disrupt the process everything could be thrown back to square one. In order to secure the future, Dietfried Bougainvillea, is brought in. His mission is to safely deliver an ambassador and a Doll to Gardariki. Moreover, as Violet makes her way back home she spots trouble. Along the continental railroad there have been multiple explosions. Further along the way she spots out a colleague of hers on a train. Knowing the dangerous situation ahead, Violet forces her way into the mix of things. Dietfried, doesn’t want Violet anywhere near him, although he may be changing his mind after today. Taking down the anti-peace soldiers will rest on the shoulders of this unlikely duo.

Bloodied hands will forever be stained, or so they say. This theme has been used countless times throughout media, however with Violet, she has been given a second chance. Her new hands have yet to be tainted, still today’s mission puts her in quite the predicament. She must fight, but she no longer wishes to take anyone’s life ever again. Even at the cost of damaging her own body she secures the lives of her enemies. She puts up a valiant effort, although she must remember that Gilbert did want her to live on. Not going in with a killing intent nearly costed Violet her life. Thankfully, Dietfried made it in time before the worse could happen. Violet even steps back in to return the favor shortly after. Anyhow, let’s get this train ride underway. Enjoy tonight’s action packed media!





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This heartbreaking journey is almost over. Join us for one last review of the televised airing here at, Anime Solution.

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