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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Time to take responsibility.

Arato’s actions actually had some consequences. Well, they did until papa decided to pay off the damages. However, there’s one little catch. Arato’s father would like him to come over for a visit. We’re off to Tsukuba, and this particular city is quite unique. The entire place is an experiment containing hIE actors. Additionally, Ryou is tagging along for the visit. Although his intentions for coming along aren’t the greatest. He has agreed to let Watarai loose. That means Methode is back on the hunt for Lacia. Since going after our main pairing has proven difficult, Yuka is the target. She has been taken by Methode, and that’s not all Arato has to worry about. Every hIE within the city has become infected. There’s no telling what they’ll do now.

All right, Beatless has returned after a week’s break, and I guess we’re back to the same old. Arato’s friend back stabs him, then Lacia has to clean up the mess. Moreover, looks like Snowdrop is in town. Been a while since we’ve seen her lovely teeth at play. Hopefully she’ll make for an interesting component during this arc. Anyhow, let’s move on into our weekly human V robot debate. Enjoy!





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Action is coming, but not until next week. Stay tuned for weekly updates of Beatless here at, Anime Solution!

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