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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

This is the end!

Well, at least for now. Episode 10 marks the end of the scheduled broadcast of, Märchen Mädchen. Now, with that in mind there will be two more episodes. However, as of right now there doesn’t appear to be a date for when they will be released. So, depending on when these episodes are released media coverage for them may be delayed. Each season here changes up the planned posting times, and I can no longer dedicated a spot to a show with such uncertainties. Still, I always like to finish what I’ve began. Do expect the ending here one day without a doubt.

Interestingly enough, the true villain of the story has finally been revealed. Lynne’s father, James Daves, has been pulling all the strings behind the scenes. Additionally, we’re given insight into why Lynne behaves the way she does. In order to not be sent back to the orphanage she will do anything to win and impress her father. This orphanage was a dark time in her life as she was abused at hands of its directors. Unfortunately for her, cheating doesn’t pay off in the long run. Today’s battle was a close one, yet in the end Shizuka was able to make it back in time. She’s even able to pull off a re-write of her Origin, and crush her opponents in one lunar strike.

Lastly, episode 10 was a slight step-up in terms of art quality. The episode actually started off decently, however by midway through it went full blown slideshow mode. I’m really not a fan of these slideshow episodes, but at least it was better than episode 9. Anyhow, let’s put this show on break now, shall we? Enjoy today’s media!


I guess they didn’t learn from last week… Time sure does fly.

And, for our 10th end card…




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Well folks, that’s it for this show for quite some time. I hope you’ll continue to join us for much more here at, Anime Solution.

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