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Fate/Extra Last Encore T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Time to end a never ending nightmare.

The third floor has revealed much over the course of this episode. First up, let’s examine Alice’s past during the Holy Grail War. Sometime after Hakuno left Alice on the third floor a mysterious halo appeared in the sky. At this point the entire system began to break down. Consequently, Alice began to notice she was beginning to fade away. In order to sustain herself she began to consume the third floor. However, it wasn’t enough to go after small objects. In order to keep going, in order to hold on for Hakuno’s return, she went after other Masters. It was at this point Alice’s monster was born. The third floor was now a continual horrific nightmare.

Now, Hakuno has finally returned, but as we’ve already gone over things are not as they seem. The third floor has become a twisted world where time and place are illogical. Still, Hakuno can’t help but to play around with Alice. Nevertheless, it’s time for Hakuno to make bold choice. Either be ripped to shreds over time by Alice, or ascend up the ladder. In order to help make his choice, Alice, or in reality, Nursery Rhyme, reveals the truth of the situation. The Alice he has been playing around with is a fake. Nursery Rhyme, has no true form, and only played the part she thought the real Alice would of enjoyed. Moreover, the real Alice died long ago. Her physical body died long before this war even began. However, her mind lingered on. While only a fragment of her former self she was able to continue on as a cyber-ghost. In the end saving Alice is out of the question. There’s only one choice here, thus it’s time to put this monster to rest.

Well, a great deal of information was dealt out during this episode. One of major pieces to look at is Hakuno himself. Is he dead, alive, or something more? This broken system has allowed for many oddities to manifest. Additionally, we got a first look at Rin’s power. She claims to have lost her servant, but now is able to manifest its powers. Think something similar to class cards in Prisma-Illya. Anyhow, I’m sure there’s more to come from this later on. For now, let’s finally get to the media. Enjoy!





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We’ve still got much more Fate to come here. It may be delayed, but I’ll cover it all. Stick around for best media on the net here at, Anime Solution!

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