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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s all going according to plan.

The various battles across the capital are about to come to their conclusions, still this isn’t the end. Previously, we left off with Momon dropping in from the sky. Upon landing he encounters, Jaldabaoth. This powerful demon lord is here on a mission of great importance. However, the fine details of this mission will be uncovered later. For now, “Jaldabaoth”, is only here to set up the stage for the grand finale. After a quick skirmish with Momon, Jaldabaoth, takes off for the warehouse district. It is here where everything will become clear.

Meanwhile, operation save Tsuare is still underway. The trio sent to secure Tsuare believe they have her, yet don’t let your eyes deceive you. Zero and Succulent, the last of the Six Arms make their final stand today. Climb and Lockmyer, take on Succulent, but this fight only needs a swift nut cracking to end. Moreover, Zero and Brain take on one another, although their duel is interrupted. Sebas, suddenly appears along with the real Tsuare. This sight threw Zero into shock as he could not believe a mere butler took down 4 of his best. The fight with Brain is put on hold until this meddling butler is dealt with. Zero unleashes his most powerful ability, unfortunately it was all for not. Sebas takes it without moving an inch, and downs him with a swift drop kick to the skull. Finally the threat to Tsuare is gone. This newly couple is now off to the safety of Nazarick.

All right, the final stage for the last episode has been step up. Jaldabaoth, using the Flames of Gehenna has sectioned off a nice little corner. Now, any brave adventure willing to step forth can make a big name for themselves here. Prepare yourselves for one massive clash next time. Anyhow, let’s get a move on. Enjoy today’s rescued media!





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We’ve only got one more episode in this season to go! Stay tuned for the epic conclusion here at, Anime Solution!

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