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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko

Ready to the see the power of a captain?

Asta’s battle against Rades is a noble one, but one he just isn’t ready for. The curse magic has taken quite a toll on his body. Now, losing such a fine knight would be foolish. As such, Fuegoleon, captain of the Crimson lion steps in. Time for Asta to sit back for once, and witness the power of one of his newest rivals. Rades, attempts to put out his best, still they are all quickly defeated by, Fuegoleon. Moreover, around the capital the various teams have put down the majority of the invading fodder. However, things just don’t seem right. Why did such an attack even occur in the first place?

Episode 23 honestly felt really drawn out. I know they do this a bit with each episode, but this one could of honestly been done in 5 minutes. Additionally, I recently started reading the manga again, and I really miss the fact that Black Clover is suppose to be fast paced. These long drawn out battles put a strain on the anime more than anything else as this point. Anyhow, we’re about to hit the critical point of this arc. Things should start getting interesting real soon, so hold on! But, that will be all for today. Enjoy the media!





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Rades may be defeated, but he’s not alone in this invasion. Find out who lurks in the shadows next time here at, Anime Solution!

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