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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Judgment is here!

Lord Ainz long awaited screen time is finally here. Unfortunately, it comes about due to testing one of his subjects loyalty. As we’ve all seen for the past few weeks, Sebas, has gone against his orders. Anyhow, in order to prove himself he is ordered to kill, Tuare. While he did hesitate for a moment, he does carry out the order. His blow was fortunately stopped at the very last second, though. That was more than enough to prove he hadn’t gone against Nazarick. Still, the issue of what to do with Tuare remained. She does not wish to leave Sebas’s side. Demiurge and Sebas exchange quite a few daring words, but ultimately Ainz decides to keep her around. She will be granted protection under the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Things appeared to be all settled, yet the Eight Fingers issue still lurks. While Sebas and Solution are out, Tuare, is kidnapped.

Meanwhile, the princess continues to plot against the Eight Fingers. Climb’s most recent take down was of great help, but there’s a lot more of these rats to be dealt with. In order to secure the man power to deal with them, Marquis Raeven, is summoned for a meeting. Additionally, her brother, the 2nd prince tags along. The three have quite the chat, and find they can all gain something out of working with one another. Our 2nd prince will be able to take down the 1st prince for his involvement with the Eight Fingers. Once he sits on the throne he will arrange for the princesses wish to become a possibility. Climb will be 100% hers and hers alone. As for, Marquis, his son will later marry into the royal line. Quite the backdoor dealings, but it’s all in the name of saving the kingdom.

So, quite a lot of talking took place during this episode. The action will be returning next time, though. The Six Arms of the Eight Fingers has taken, Tuare. Don’t think for a second that Sebas will rest until she’s safe and secure. There’s also one more major actor now on the move, but we’ll save that for next time. Now, onto the media. Enjoy!





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Tuare’s been taken! However, this time she has the backing of Lord Ainz himself. Find out what action is to come first here at, Anime Solution!

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