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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

Ready to meet the king?

After a week rest, Asta, is back on his feet. Now, he must report to Magical Knights HQ in order to give a report on his mission. Time for a trip to the royal capital! Additionally, to everyone surprise they are met by the Magical King himself. Julius Novachrono, is an odd one, but he’s glad to see the new generation rising to power. In particular he notes that Yuno received the biggest reward out of the dungeon. As for Asta new weapon, well that’s even beyond him. Moreover, the group is invited to view an award ceremony for the top knights in the kingdom. These are the best of the best, still these nobles after quite up in the clouds. Seeing peasants and failures around them makes for one heated confrontation. While Asta is fine with a bit of name calling don’t even think to insult one of his comrades. Going after Noelle crossed the line.

Episode 20 introduces a lot of new characters. Some of them are throw away names, but a few of them are important. One of them will soon even declare himself to be a rival of, Asta. That’s for another time, though. What’s important to note here is the hostile environment the nobles produce to those they believe are below them. Even their own family members can be tossed aside if they are not up to standard. Change within the kingdom may just come one day. As Asta has already declared in front of them all that he will one day become the Wizard King! Anyhow, no action this time, but the arc has only just begun. Stick around and you’ll see the works real soon. For now, it’s media time. Enjoy!


OP: A new arc also calls for a new OP!


Episode 20:




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No action this time, but things are about to hit the fan real soon. Anyhow, a lot more Black Clover to come here, so stay tuned!

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