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Fate/Extra Last Encore T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Not all dreams can become reality.

In the case of, Dan Blackmore, he’s chasing after something that can never be realized. As you’ll see, Dan died long ago. He is no longer a Master, but still believes that his massacre will one day bear fruit. Unfortunately for Dan there’s a new Master on the floor that isn’t willing to die so easily. After recovering and planning, Hakuno and Saber are back at it again. This time Saber directly confronts, Archer. She may be at a slight disadvantage, yet this Saber won’t die. She got quite the trick up her sleeve. Moreover, Hukuno goes after the Floor Master. Using the power of Dead Face he does the unthinkable. Ready for the counter snipe? Now, the 3rd floor is open for battle!

Quite the tragic back story here. Poor Dan, all he wanted to do was win the war and see his wife once more. Hopefully in death they can see one another at last. Anyhow, the 2nd floor is crumbling to nothingness. So, let’s keep on moving. Enjoy the final moments of, Dan the Knight.







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The 3rd floor awaits! Find out what dangers our duo faces next time here at, Anime Solution.

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KayKay (@guest_23)
6 years ago

Nice !! (^^)/

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  KayKay
6 years ago

Thanks for your support.