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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Brothel raid in progress…

Our trio has affirmed their decision, the brothel must be put to an end. Sebas, will be taking the front entrance. Climb and Brain, will take the hidden 2nd door. The three clean house in the end. That slob of a noble got what was coming for him. Additionally, they captured one of the leaders of the Eight Fingers. However, while their goal was noble, there is a price to pay for their actions. Sebas in particular has someone waiting for him at home. Ainz, would like a word with him. As for Climb and Brain, well, praises to them. Still, they must watch their backs because action is now coming for them.

For every action there is a reaction. And that is what we’ll be seeing big time over the next few episodes. The Six Arms now come for Sebas and the crew. Moreover, Sebas is in a bit of trouble now. Just what will Ainz demand of him? Anyhow, that’s for next time. Let’s get this raid over with. Enjoy the action!





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Lord Ainz has arrived. Find out what he’ll ask of Sebas next time here at, Anime Solution!

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