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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

Let’s wrap this mission up.

Asta may be down, but his rival won’t let another take him out. Yuno’s time to shine has finally come. Using his new found power he finally puts Mars down. There won’t be any recoveries this time. Unfortunately, as soon as the battle ends the dungeon begins to collapse. Both parties must now unite in order to make it out alive. It was a close one, yet these young magical knights are above and beyond. Towards the very end, Asta, is able to recover just enough to stand thanks to, Mimosa. More thanks are also in order. The ever noble Klaus has seen the error in his ways. Just because Asta and Yuno are low borne commoners from the boonies doesn’t mean they can’t rise to greatness. These two put on a valiant display during this mission and there’s even more praises to come.

Now, for the past few episodes Mars has been given a series of flashbacks. Episode 19 finally pieces it all together. As mentioned before, Mars is the product of child experimentation. He is the ultimate mage warrior from the Diamond Kingdom. However, how he became the way he is was brutal to say the least. In order to stand on top he was ordered to kill or be killed. This even meant killing his beloved childhood friend, Fana. Killing her secured his place as number one. He was implanted with magical gems and given Fana’s power. Sadly, this was all in the name of protecting the Diamond Kingdom.

All right, mission number 2 is officially over. Both Kingdoms even got something out of the ordeal. Power for the Clover Kingdom and riches for the Diamond Kingdom. Lotus is one sneaky bugger. Anyhow, a new arc begins next time. There’s a lot more action to come so keep on looking forward to more. Enjoy the great escape!





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The mission is over! Still, the show must go on. Keep looking forward to more Black Clover updates here at, Anime Solution!

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