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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

It’s time for some upgrades!

After defeating Mars the Clover Kingdom has secured the dungeon. Now, it’s time for the treasure. Within the treasure vault awaits riches and untold power. The first to receive something is, Yuno. Although he doesn’t realize it yet, he has just gained access to a very powerful magic. Moreover, unknown to everyone their foe wasn’t down for the count. Mars, gets back up and shocks everyone. He has the ability the use two types of elemental magic. It shouldn’t be possible, but Mars isn’t a normal case. Since Mars had the jump on them he took well advantage of the situation. He traps half the party, takes down Noelle, and has Mimosa locked into healing. Asta is only one left to fight, but his current sword doesn’t have the speed to keep up. After being sent flying through a wall he discovers a 2nd anti-magic weapon. One that could match the speed of the projectiles flying at him. The day appeared to be saved by Asta, although one mistake may have finally costed him everything.

Well, that minor step up in episode quality from last time came at a dire cost. Episode 18 is almost a complete slideshow. This episode yielded 84 stitches. That’s quite a lot more than the average for this show. And I gotta say the pacing for this episode is quite slow. Mars had to be just standing there for 5 minutes until he decided to attack again. Ugh, hopefully this is the biggest low for the show. Anyhow, let’s keep it moving. Enjoy the stills!





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Our main man is down! Still, I wouldn’t fret. There is always another! Stay tuned for weekly Black Clover updates here at, Anime Solution.

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