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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

Time for a treasure hunt race!

But first, the Black Bull’s and the Golden Dawn must exchange a few words. Just a bit of friendly banter about who will claim the dungeon. Team Golden Dawn head for the goal first. Asta and Noelle on the other hand struggle to find there way around. Meanwhile, Luck has encountered the Diamond forces. He faces off against, Lotus of the Abyss. He’s a reserved man and doesn’t wish to fight. Luck, isn’t buying that at all. He lunges in numerous times, but ended up playing into Lotus’s hand. All the smoke surrounding the room wasn’t just for show. It was weakening magic. Still, Luck isn’t one to stay down for long. He’s after the strongest and with such an opponent right before him it’s go time!

Episode 15 cover chapters 13 and 14. Now, with that said things are still moving a tad slowly. I’ve looked ahead and there’s a lot more dungeon exploring to come. So, strap in for the long ride for this one. Anyways, next episode, Luck and the Black Bulls are really going to be going at it. And let’s not forget about the Golden Dawn. They will start facing off against the true boss of this dungeon. Anyhow, more of that for later. Enjoy and watch out for those pesky traps!





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The dungeon crawling continues! Stay tuned for more Black Clover here at, Anime Solution.

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