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Overlord II T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Ready for a little bit of world building?

Episode 6 is the start of a brand new arc. Leading in this arc will be, Sebas. You know, the butler. Anyhow, currently he is performing a low-key observation mission. On his way home he walks into quite the odd situation. A man throws a rather large bag into the street. The contents of the bag contained a women. This women had been badly abused and beaten, but still clung onto life. Using the last of her strength she reaches out for help. Sebas, refused to leave her and took her personally under his care. However, taking her in comes with a dire warning. The man that was to dispose of her works for the Eight Fingers. This underground organization pulls the strings within the kingdom. Nevertheless, Sebas takes her and see to her quick recovery.

Now, quite a few things happened during this episode. However, one should really be focusing on the actions Sebas took. One, he’s suppose to be on a spy mission. Helping a stray women and messing with an organization is going to cause some attention. There’s consequences to come for this. Two, once the women was brought home, Solution, heavily protested her being there. Sebas, wasn’t having it, though. He ordered for a healing scroll to be used on, Tuare. This scroll was personally given to them from, Ainz. Additionally, he doesn’t want today’s actions reported back. Well, looks like Sebas is going a bit rouge here. Anyways, don’t want to spell it all out. We’ve got much more to come. Enjoy and remember to always lend a hand to those in need!





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