Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 4

It was all a ruse!

Iris is personally requested for a ghostwriting back at her hometown. However, moments later she injures herself. In order to fulfill her duty she has no other choice but to take Violet along with her. The two head for, Kazaly. Once there they are greeted by Iris’s family. It turns out the request for a ghostwriting was a lie. Her mother and father simply wanted Iris back home. As their only daughter it’s about time for her to settle down and continue on the family. Iris isn’t pleased about this at all. Her feelings and those of her parents are about to clash. Violet, on the other hand is willing to set up a new contract since the previous one was void. Her job is now to write and deliver party invitations for Iris’s upcoming birthday party. This won’t just be any old birthday party, though. The guest list is male heavy.

The birthday party began without a hitch, but once Iris saw an old crush it was all over. Emonn, was the one person she absolutely did not wish to see. Before heading off to become a Doll she had confessed her love to him. Unfortunately, Emonn did not feel the same way. He only saw her as a friend. After running away from the party the relationship between parents and daughter was strained to the edge. Yet, all is not lost on this day. Violet suggests writing them a letter to get her feelings across. Iris, apologizes for her actions that day and is thankful for all her parents have done. Nevertheless, at least for the moment she wishes to pursue her dream in becoming a star Doll. Violet’s ghostwriting did just the trick that night. Both parties can now smile and look forward to the future.

It’s another sweet ending! Furthermore, we got to learn a bit more about Violet towards the very end. Gilbert named her after the flower, Violet. A name fitting for a beautiful women in the making. She surely is growing into the name gifted to her so long ago. Anyhow, let’s get this party underway. Enjoy the media!





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Today’s episodic journey ends. Find out where we go from here next time here at, Anime Solution!

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