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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Kengo’s in trouble!

Usage of the Anti-body network has come up several times now. However, what is the purpose of this network? This network exploits the usage of surveillance and tracking throughout society. Users of this network can easily track down any hIE or even avoid law enforcement. Kengo, just so happens to be one of its many users. His constant usage of it has earned him the attention of, Kouka. As punishment for using the network, Kouka, has roped Kengo into her terrorist plot. Her goal is to destroy an hIE. This just isn’t any old hIE, though. This new hIE will have the ability to sway political opinions. Not everyone is happy about this up and coming hIE, and some are willing to go to the extreme to eliminate it all costs.

While Kengo trains for mission day, those closest to him begin to worry. Kengo’s little sister, Olga, just can’t shake the feeling that something terrible is going on. She later expresses her troubles towards Arato’s little sister, Yuka. Like all good friends she helps her out in a time of need. Yuka, calls upon Arato to find out what’s going on with, Kengo. What this really meant was Lacia would be getting down to the bottom of everything. Lacia is able to learn about Kengo’s recent activities and turns to her owner for instructions. Use her in order to help save his friend or let him go? Arato just recently received helped from Kengo to save, Lacia. Now it’s time to repay that debt. Ready to go stealth mode?

We leave off on a cliffhanger today, but the action is sure to kick in next week. Kengo is way over is head, still at least one of his friend’s is willing to help him. Ryou, on the other hand is delving into another plot that will stir some future troubles for everyone. Anyhow, we’ve got an hIE to destroy. Enjoy the climb!





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It’s time to help a friend in need! Will Arato make it in time to save his friend? Find out next time here at, Anime Solution!

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