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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Even the greatest of friendships must come to an end.

The Hexennacht is right around the corner, and all the participating schools are showing up. However, Hazuki is not even close to matching up to her fellow peers. This is made very apparent during the onsen scene. While a few of the girls go at, Hazuki, has no choice but to flee. Moreover, a sinister plot is developing behind the scenes. Not everyone is willing to play fair it seems. There have been talks of closing down the Japanese school. Their end may be in sight, yet some want their Origins sooner than later. Qazan is tasked with going after a prize sought out by many, the Cinderella Orgins. Her attempt ends in failure, but the consequences were grave. Tsuchimikado, now firmly believes Hazuki should not be in the magical world. In order to protect her she is asked to never return.

So, turns out this is going to be the same plot from Love Live or Girls und Panzor. The girls must fight to save their school! Well, can’t say I haven’t seen this one before, hehe. Anyhow, I do have one positive thing to report back this time. The action during the onsen scene actually had decent art and animation. Hopefully future fights follow this as well. However, the onsen seen overall had a ton of censorship. I’m talking mist clouds everywhere! It’s kinda funny since not everything gets censored and during episode 1 Hazuki ran all over naked without a problem. I guess people need a reason to buy the blu-ray after all. Anyhow, ready to never return? I hope not! Let’s get to that media, enjoy!


And here’s the latest end card.





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Never say never! Hazuki, been told to never come, but I doubt our magical girl in training is one to let it all go. Find out how it all goes down next time here at, Anime Solution!

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