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Fate/Extra Last Encore T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Paradise awaits…

A miracle is born on this day. Rejoice, as the 129th Master has finally arrived. An impossibly has finally come to fruition. Now, let’s begin by introducing our lead, Hakuno Kishinami. Himself and everything around him just isn’t quite right. Why is this? Well, all those with potential to become a Master have been trapped within a machine. Inside the machine the Moon Cell Holy Grail Wars take place. Hakuno, may just be one of many, but he’s about to do the impossible.

The time of selection is now! 100 masters have already been selected. In order to determine the remaining 28 the moratoirum garden process begins. It’s kill or be killed time. Unfortunately, Hakuno becomes the target of his best friend, Shinji. He’s stabbed in the back and left for dead. And with that all remaining candidates had been selected. The purge of paradise begins next. However, Hakuno’s hatred won’t let him rest so easily. It’s not over till it’s over. Chased and driven to the edge he plunges himself into “limbo”. It is there his impossibility begins and he’s greeted with the words; “ Answer, are you my master?”.

It has been quite some time since I’ve watched a first episode and felt this amount of excitement. Damn, that was good. Shaft, you truly are without equal when it comes to your vision of art. Never stop being you. Anyhow, going into this Fate series expect to see a few familiar faces. There of course will be many new characters as well. It’s also important to note that this whole show is an original plot even though it is based off the game. Expect the unexpected week after week as the plot unfolds. Now, let’s get this war started. Enjoy!





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Talk about an exciting beginning. Make sure to check back each week for more, Fate/Extra Last Encore! You won’t want to miss this one.

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