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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

We’re off to the land of the fairies…

Chise’s body has given out yet again. Her body is unable to handle the recent massive flow of magic. There’s only one hope to save her life this time. Elias, must take her to the other side where time flows much slower. Chise is left in the care of, Shannon. She’s an excellent doctor, however fixing up Chise will require some heavy handed methods. No matter what she did Chise’s wounds wouldn’t heal. Chise lacked the spirit to be healed. In order to get some spirit flowing back into her how about a near death experience? Nothing brings one’s desire to live after coming back from the brink of death. In order to live, Chise, must fight on!

Time may flow slowly on the other side, but back in reality time flies. Silky, was left behind for months while Chise recovered. In those months loneliness filled her. It reminded her of a time where everything seemed gray and there would be no coming back. Yet, a sudden turn around would begin for her when she ran into, Spriggan. With his help the loving and caring Silky we all know blossomed forth. The days may be long, still when her family comes back she’ll be the happiest girl in the world!

Happy to see we got some decent Silky story time. Silky needs some spotlight, too! Moreover, Chise is back on her feet. Hopefully she has learned, but we’ll see soon enough. Anyhow, we’re going out on a happy end today, so onward to the media. Enjoy and keep your head above the water!





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Finally, an episode ending on a positive note. Also looks like we’ll be getting a non-life threatening episode next time, too. So, look forward to some Christmas cheer here at, Anime solution!

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