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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Let’s wrap up this originality.

Salim’s revenge against Yuno has crossed familial lines. Sister has been taken. Yuno, goes against orders and duels each kidnapper in order to rescue, Sister. However, his comrades won’t let them do it all alone. Klaus’s has known for some time now that things just didn’t add up. By using Mimosa’s, Plant Creation Magic: Flower of Truth, Salim spills it all. Once the truth was out, the three reunite and take down the final kidnapper. In the end, Sister, was unharmed. As for Salim, his noble house has all but crumbled due to his actions. Additionally, the team is awarded a star for their heroics. Yuno, has again widen the gap between Asta and himself.

This may have all been anime original, still glad to see Yuno getting some spotlight. In the manga it’s mainly just Asta and the Bulls. The rivalry between brothers must not be forgotten! Moreover, next review will begin covering cannon material again. So, look forward to the start of a new arc. Anyhow, the media is ready. Enjoy Salim’s final appearance.





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Anime original time is over! Next time we’re gifted with a new OP, ED, and the start of a brand new mission. Keep on looking forward to more here at, Anime solution!

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