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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Jealousy happens!

Himeko can no longer watch Yuzu be all over what is rightfully hers. As Mei’s childhood friend the two share a connection that Yuzu couldn’t possibly have. Himeko’s first ploy begins with calling out Yuzu for her previous actions inside the student council room. The two meet up to talk over recent events, however Himeko’s plan backfires. While Yuzu was walking out on the meet up she bumps into, Mei. Yuzu, had been avoiding her, but Mei makes it very clear that she should come back home now. Our two step-sisters have a little making up session, yet this only leaves Yuzu longing for more. Moreover, Himeko isn’t finished yet. After school once all the students had departed she goes after, Mei. Unfortunately, the extent of how far the two went has yet to be shown. In a final act of jealousy, Himeko, personally let’s Yuzu know that Mei and her are now a thing. And she hopes that she’ll cheer them on. Ouch!

Well, we end on yet again more drama. Just when Yuzu thought she had Mei back it goes south. On the other hand I can somewhat understand where Himeko is coming from. Seeing one’s best friend slip away from before you really hurts. Desperation makes people do crazy things, and crushing Yuzu is one of them. I’m sure our girl will make a turn around next week, though. Anyhow, onto the jealousy wars! Which girl will win girl? Enjoy!





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Yuzu’s on edge again. How will she rope back in her step-sister this time? Find out next week here at, Anime Solution!

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