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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Ready for the Hexennacht?

Hazuki’s making progress, but is it enough? The dates for the upcoming Hexennacht have been assigned, yet Hazuki still doesn’t know the most crucial spell. Hazuki, must first learn buchhülle in order to compete. Moreover, the importance of the Hexennacht is revealed. The winner getting their wish granted is just one small piece of the Hexennacht. The true goal is the cleansing of the Stains. Stains, are Origin eaters and once they consume a book they become horrific monsters. It is the job of Maedchens to use their white magic to clean away their dark magic. The Hexennacht is really just one big cleansing event using the most powerful Maedchens as the clean up crew. With all that in mind, there’s a chance the Cinderella Origin may not make it in this year due to, Hazuki. Our leading lady must now prove before many that she’s ready to shine!

After just three episodes I have to say, this show is quite the pain to cover. While I normally enjoy stitching up episodes this one takes it to an extreme. This post contains over 70 stitches and there’s more that could have been made. The large majority of each episode so far have just been panning shots or stills. Almost feels like they didn’t want to put any money into this. I’m really fearing for the battle scenes later on. Anyhow, hopefully the Hexennacht proves me wrong. So, media time now? Enjoy the slide show.


Cute end card for episode 3!




Click here for the WebM album.


Must learn the buchhülle. Will Hazuki make it in time for the ball? Find out next week here at, Anime Solution.

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