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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

School days are here!

Violet’s Doll training has begun, but is she truly ready? Earning top marks is a cinch for Violet. However, when it comes to actual ghostwriting the problem begins. Violet’s letters are actually just very direct reports. In order to set Violet onto the right track let’s introduce, Luculia Marlborough. She’s a fellow student alongside Violet. Luculia, takes great interest in Violet as they pair up numerous times throughout the course. The school days may be been long, but an important lesson for Violet was about to unfold before her. Luculia’s family life was destroyed by the war. All that remains is her drunken broken brother. After the war Luculia has not been able to convey a single feeling towards her brother. Violet, seeing and hearing Luculia’s emotions is finally able to break out. It’s a simple ghostwriting, yet one that unites two loving siblings. Violet may have failed the course, nevertheless this single letter showed her determination in order to become a Doll.

I gotta say, among all the shows I’m reviewing this season this one makes me quite jealous. The art is actually a grand slam compared to quite a few of the other shows I’m working on here. Today’s episode really highlighted that during several scenes. My personal favorite would be when they climbed the tower for a view of the city. Other studios, take notes! Moreover, Violet is growing! She even now has a brooch that symbolizes excellence. Only the finest Dolls can earn one. Congratulations, Violet! Anyhow, the media is ready. Enjoy the scenery.


OP: Episode 3 finally introduces the long awaited opening.


Episode 3:


ED: We’re also finally given the ending as well starting with this episode!




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She’s a Doll! Violet’s first successful ghostwriting is complete. Where will Violet go from here? Tune in next week to find out!

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