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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Triple trouble ahead.

Ashen Eye, has placed a curse upon, Chise. She has been turned into a werebeast, but all hope is not lost. Those closest to her are quick to the chase. Chise, heads for the horizon believing something is calling for her. Before getting to ahead of herself, Elias, catches up to her. He reminds her that there is a place she belongs and he is lonely without her. Once pulled back into the fold, Chise, remembers that same loneliness and is able to return back to normal. The night has been long, yet further trouble hits as soon as Chise heads for bed. Redcurrant, appears before Chise in distress. Joel, isn’t waking up.

The Joel situation is a grim one. Chise, was quick to dash to his aid, still little could be done at this point. Elias, breaks the bad news to them both. Joel only has no more than a week to live. No hospital can save him at this point. Additionally, the reason for his sudden down turn is because of, Redcurrant. Once she haunted him his fate was sealed. Redcurrant is devastated, but a slim chance of a happy ending may still be possible here. Chise, recalls a spell that could give the two star crossed lovers a chance to finally see one another. However, creating fairy ointment is not to be taken lightly. Fives days of no sleep and constant care is needed. Chise is pushed to her limits, but with a bit of luck she makes it just in time. Ready for one beautiful send off with one unexpected dire consequence?

Ugh, right in the feels. Before that, the whole build up with the fox scene really felt short handed. When I say short the whole thing was legit about 3 minutes. Ashen Eye’s curse was nothing more than trickery. Bit of a let down, but it did lead into a heartfelt episode. Moreover, Chise’s life yet again hangs in the balance. Just when will this girl learn? Looks like she’ll be getting help from a new character next time. And with that, onto the media. Enjoy today’s send off!





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Chise just can’t catch a break… Find out if her life is secure next time here at, Anime Solution!

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