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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

The choice is yours!

After last week naked dash, Hazuki, awakens tied up to a pole. It’s only for a bit of teasing and we’re off to meet the principal. Sugami, or the farmer from episode one is the head of, Kuzunoha Girl’s Magic Academy. Upon hearing she is now within a world of magic, Hazuki, couldn’t be happier. Her fantasy life has become a reality. On top of that she has been chosen by the original Cinderella book. She’s a magical girl, too! Anyhow, the principal gave her two choices. One, she may give up her book and return to her old life. Or two, she studies at the academy and becomes a proper book user. Hazuki didn’t even need a moment to think about the answer. It’s magic learning time!

The thought of learning magic is quite exciting, but actually learning it can be quite problematic. In order to catch up for a girl her age, Tsuchimikado, will teach Hazuki directly. Like all beginners get ready for failure and mistakes. On her second day of training, Hazuki, was successful in using her magic. It was a happy moment that was quickly destroyed by, Yumelia Kazan. The girl that chased Hazuki around drops a sudden truth bomb. The only reason she’s being pushed so hard to learn is for the up coming, Hexennacht. The book of Cinderella is especially powerful and with it she could win the competition. Hazuki, believed Tsuchimikado was doing this out of a blooming new friendship. When she heard the real reason she was hurt, yet we’re not ending on sad note today. Tsuchimikado, takes off after her once the principal gives her some words of encouragement. In order to mend their relationship, Tsuchimikado, does it in the only way she knows, over a hamburger. It’s a touching scene that leaves our three new friends on a first name basis. Wait three?

It’s sad to say, but I was really hoping the first episode was a fluke with its art quality. I guess this one is going to be rather low budget. A bit surprising since Hoods is handling this. Anyhow, besides all that the story is still watchable by all means. Hazuki, may be new to all this, still she’s providing some excellent entertainment. Now for the media. Enjoy the magic!


And here’s our second end card.




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The Hexennacht is coming! Find out if our timid girl is ready to meet the challenge next time here at, Anime Solution!

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