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Violet Evergarden T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Training day begins!

Violet’s new mission in life is to become a Auto Memoir Doll. However, adjusting from military service to ghostwriting services is going to take some time. In order to be introduced first hand to the scene she’s instructed to shadow Erica and Iris. Iris’s opinion of Violet isn’t very high. One could say there’s some brewing tension there. Erica, on the other hand is able to understand a bit about Violet. When she looks at Violet it reminds her so much of why she became a Doll. Although she does believe Violet shouldn’t be in this line of work. Yet, when Iris called for Violet’s firing, Erica, was willing to put her neck on the line. Violet is without a doubt causing the company some trouble, so how does a Doll training course sound?

Violet’s got a long ways to go. Her actions while shadowing the girls were certainly unprofessional. However, I must say what she did during those situation was quite comical. Moreover, we’re given some further insight towards Violet’s past at the start of the episode. Gilbert’s fateful meeting with Violet is displayed. And finally, Hodgins, was able to find Violet’s most precious gift. She really did love that brooch. May Gilbert’s final gift forever be near her heart. Anyhow, media time. Enjoy this week ghostwriting.





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Looks like the real training begins next time. Join us again for another review each and every week until we find the root of love!


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