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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Who’s that girl?

After last week explosive beginning, Beatless, takes an expected turn. While out shopping, Yuka, enters Lacia into a modeling audition. This comes as a big surprise to, Arato. Lacia is the big winner and her owner has no choice but to follow through now. Her first day on the job attracted thousands thanks to a little trick called, analog hack. This tactic even entranced Arato. The ability to hack into society may have its danger, but today it was all in the name of fashion. Moreover, the episode ends with one of the Lacia models making an appearance. Kouka is ready to play, and Kengo stands before her.

Before the whole modeling scene, Arato, is given a dire warning. Ryou, tells him he should not get involved with the Memeframe situation going on. That includes being the owner of, Lacia. Today’s episode may have been fun, but expect things to pick up from here. Anyways, time for Idolmaster: Beatless Edition. Enjoy the cat walk!




Episode 2:




Click here for the WebM album.


Looks like we’re getting some action next week. Stay tuned for a lot more, Beatless!

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