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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

The truth is out!

Picking back up from the previous episode it’s time for more flashbacks! No fear though, these flashbacks are of crucial importance. The mystery of Elias’s past is about to be shown some light. Anyhow, Lindel and Elias spent many years together. Elias, was a quick learner, but always felt like an outsider towards everything. Moreover, one fateful night would reveal one of Elias’s secrets. Lindel, was running low on supplies and offered his healing in exchange for goods. The household he entered held someone that could see the unseen. Hiding in Lindel’s shadow Elias was spotted by a child. The child alerted the villagers and all hell quickly broke loose. Lindel, was hurt in the process which caused Elias to lose it. Before anything irreversible could happen Lindel got them both out of there. Once back at their campsite, Elias, reveals something about his relationship to humans. He believe he use to consume humans.

While the past story may have been shocking to some, Chise, still stands strongly aside, Elias. She has never felt fear towards him and she won’t start now. However, now that she has heard a little bit about him she’s now willing to open up. The words that these two will exchanges when next they meet may be a game changer. After the long night it’s finally onto wand making time. It’s a difficult task that only Chise can do alone. She makes great progress and as a reward Lindel shows her something truly magical. There’s a reason he’s called, Echos, the song of a hundred flowers. Get ready for singing, dancing, and love.

I don’t often state this, but this episode right here, 10/10. Lindel’s magic truly is some beautiful stuff. On top of that the water mirror scene. Wow, they really knew how to pull off a great ending here. Anyways, before I get too into it let’s move onto the media. Enjoy!





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Wand making is almost over and so is our first cour. Find out how it all ends soon here at, Anime Solution. The beauty shall continue!

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Jaycekun (@jayce)
6 years ago

doki doki, I wish I had a magus bride