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Fate/Apocrypha T.V. Media Review Episode 25

by Yumiko

All wishes require sacrifices.

Once all the dust had settled only one victor stood. However, the other slips away believing he had won. Unfortunately for Amakusa, Sieg, is willing to face a fate worse than death to save mankind’s future. The wish Sieg committed himself to isn’t said, but displayed. With that said I believe it’s best for each viewer to see it for themselves. Even if you view the images here you’ll still have to watch this one to fully take in Sieg’s sacrifice.

Moreover, we had some good endings! Best boy, Astolfo, is given a second chance at life. His Master final request is that he lives on in his memory. He is to help those in need and be happy together with someone out there. Caules, on the other hand is accepted into the Mage’s Association. He will personally be trained under, Waver. As for his sister, Fiore, she has moved on from the world of mages and is now beginning to take her first steps. Finally, ready for a confession of love? Within the final moments of the show, Jeanne, was able to admit her feelings for, Seig. Although she had to wait a very long time, the two can finally be together as one.

There’s something that really needs to be stated about, Fate/Apocrypha, that many people overlook. It’s a statement that was mentioned at the very start of the show and again towards the end. This was never about a tale of servants, masters, mages, nor saints. This was a story about struggles, anger, and prayers. And most of all a tale of people fulfilling their wishes. Yes, unlike other selections within the Fate franchise this one is quite different. Still, if you ever plan to get into this one do keep the previous statement in mind. Don’t expect the normal from, Sieg.

Honestly it has been a long half year covering this show. I know only half of it is on this site, but I did the other half elsewhere. I may still do the first half here someday. Do let me know if you’re interested in it sooner though. Anyhow, time to get the final media under way. Enjoy another heartwarming ending.





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Lastly, a thank you to all those that waited on these reviews. I know we had a few people here checking daily, so I’m glad to finally say the wait is over. I hope you’ll be joining us for, Fate/Extra, too! Also, if there’s anything else Fate related you’d like to see here please do mention it in the comments anytime. And with that said, Fate/Apocrypha, signing out.

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