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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Ready to meet your new grandfather?

Yuzu’s got a whole new family to learn about and one of them is the chairman of the school. However, this won’t be a sweet first encounter between grandfather and granddaughter. The chairmen is as strict as can be when upholding the schools dress code. Some things Yuzu isn’t willing to back down on and one of them is fashion. Yet, when the two finally came face to face, Mei, ends up taking the scolding. Yuzu is only turned away from entering the school. That won’t stop her though. A quick hop over the wall would prove to quite insightful. While sneaking into the school she eavesdrops on, Amamiya. Turns out he has a lover on the side and he’s just using Mei to raise his social standing. Yuzu confronts Mei about this, but she already knew. Mei, has simply accepted the situation as is.

As a brand new big sister, Yuzu, must now act or forever watch her little sister in pain. Yet, her next set of actions would come back to bite her hard. During a morning assembly she takes center stage and makes a major announcement. First, that she caught Amamiya making out with a student. And two, that she’s the granddaughter of the chairmen of the school. The results from that day yielded Amaiya being let go and Mei now living with her grandfather. Yuzu’s mother is torn apart suddenly losing her new step-daughter. Now Yuzu must figure out a way to bring her back into the fold. Mei, on the other hand left on her own free will. Talking between the two got them no where until Yuzu decides to pay her a home visit. Things go from physical to emotional real quick, but the kicker is their grandfather walks in on them. The chairman has had just enough of Yuzu and expel her on the spot. Well, now just what will Yuzu do from here?

Talk about drama. Yuzu is in quite the bind, yet our story has just begun. Will she find a way to stay in school and obtain her sister back? Well, we’ve got a whole show to go through, so I’m hopeful for good results. Moreover, the yuri action is in full swing. Expect plenty of stimulating service with this one here. Only the best from Citrus. Anyhow, time for some media. Enjoy!





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Will Yuzu find a way to save her little sister? Find out next time here at, Anime Solution!

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