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Citrus T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Time for the first pick up of the season!

Yuzu’s life is about to take a new turn whether she’s ready for it or not. After her mother’s remarriage, Yuzu, must now transfer to a new school. No problem right? Well, Yuzu, is all about friends, fun, and fashion! However, her new school is the opposite of all these things. Upon walking onto the grounds she’s instantly confronted for her appearance. Even cellphones are a no go at this school. In order to set a solid example the student council president deals with her. Mei, gets right to the point and brings Yuzu to her knees. Rules are rules after all. Her day has only just began, yet she’s in for a world of shock and surprises.

After the school day ends, Yuzu, is able to retrieve her cellphone. While heading out she spots her hunk of a homeroom teacher walking behind a building. She goes after him, but what she witnessed threw her into disbelief. It’s a student-teacher relationship! And not just any student, it’s Mei, the student council president. After the action is over she’s also spotted and runs off. Finally back at home she’s ready to relax after a long day, yet the drama has just begun. The remarriage brought along something Yuzu never expected. She’s got a little sister and her name is, Mei! Mei and Yuzu’s mother get along quite well. However, these two new step-sisters have a ways to go. In order to get their relationship going, how about they get a little bit physical?!

Oh man, quite a lot took place during just episode 1. First off, the art work is excellent. They really knew how to make Yuzu beautiful. A shame she’s going to be forced to assimilate. Also, the animation during the action was spot on. They didn’t cheap out on the kisses so far! I’m sure there’s a lot more of it to come, but for now let’s get a move on. Enjoy the yuri action!




Episode 1:






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And there’s still more to come! Stay tuned for more yuri goodness here at, Anime Solution.

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