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Imouto sae Ireba Ii. T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

One final flashback and another game!

We’ve finally made it to the end, but first a flashback. As shown previously, Itsuki, had a rough time growing up. While growing up he lost his mother and never made any friends. However, one faithful day he receives an unexpected knock on the front door. The housekeepers daughter had come to pay him a visit. She’s here to help cheer him up. The two get along quite well, so well in fact Itsuki falls for her. Ayane, on the other hand only saw him as a little brother. After a sudden confession and rejection their relationship quickly crumbles. Yet, one end brought about a new beginning. Itsuki, swore off older sisters that day and all he’ll ever need is a little sister. Thus his legend began. Moreover, the gang has another celebration. This time it’s for the announcement of the new anime. The final game of the show depicts the ups and downs of a novelists life. Happiness just doesn’t come that easy, eh?

Well, for a final episode this was kinda just it. Not a lot truly happened. The first half of the episode is a flash back and the later half is just playing a game. After the game, Miyako, does advance a bit as a character. She’s now showing heavy interest in becoming an editor. As for the other characters, they’ll continue pushing on. Not much of an end, but it is what it is.

Overall, the show was a pleasant viewing experience. In terms of just pure fun this was my favorite of the season. Once Ashley was introduced and said her line; “Fuck me up, Master”, I was 100% sold. The only real issue I can think of with this anime is the amount of censorship during the fan service scenes. There’s a whole lot of it. Some of it I believe will be removed with the blu-ray release. Although some of the more trickery ones may be left as is. I’ll be on the look out for it in the future, though. Anyhow, time to move on. Enjoy the end!


The final end card!




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What an end… Anyways, look forward to more here at, Anime Solution. And remember a little sister all you need!

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