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Fate/Apocrypha T.V. Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

Let’s mix it up.

Episode 22 does something quite unique. A majority of the art and animation changes just for this episode. So, expect something a little different going into this one. Anyhow, we’re gifted with a few final showdowns. Lancer of Red and Saber of Black are the center piece of the action. A grand fight between two warriors that comes down to just one misstep. It was a close one, but in the end Karna falls with pride. Meanwhile, the grudge match between Ruler and Archer of Red rages on. Atalanta, is willing to throw everything away in order to see her wish completed. However, the path she has taken has led her astray. Achilles, can no longer watch her in such a state. He interrupts the fight and takes over for Ruler. It’s a sudden clash between the two, yet that was all that was needed. Atlanta’s wish may never be realized, nevertheless she can finally rest from this long war. Achilles, on the other hand has finally completed his Master last request.

The race is on in order to obtain the grail. Yet, servants are dropping like flies. Ruler, now heads in for the final confrontation, although the final servant awaits her. Caster of Red, will finally be playing his cards. There’s also one other big fight to come, Assassin of red versus Saber of Red. These two have despised one another since episode one. Moreover, enjoy this episode as much as possible. This was a pleasant treat for the series. The art and animation has been overall questionable throughout its running. However, right here I can firmly believe they went the extra mile. So, without further ado, onto the action!





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3 more to go! We’ve got plenty of more action to go. Get ready for the final Saber duel next time!

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