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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Even Gods need a day off.

And the perfect place for a day off is at, Konohanatei. New years is quickly approaching and that means it’s about to get real busy at the inn. Numerous Gods will be stopping in for some last minute comfort. Each of today’s guest also has their own special attendant. Even Sakura has a guest to care for. Moreover, our local doll is feeling quite alone due to the increased inn activity. As such she heads out into town for some fun. There’s not much for here there, but she does find something just like her. Walking by an alleyway she finds a discarded doll and takes it back home. The doll she rescued is in poor condition, yet Okiku wants to show her the good doll life. This good doll life is merely a farce though. Okiku’s daily pain is on full display for, Lily. Unlike Lily, Okiku, never knew what it meant to be played with or even loved. Lily, was played with for countless years and knows when her time is up. It’s a sad departure, yet Lily still has some play left in her.

Another fun and heartwarming episode. Glad to see Lily was saved at the last minute. Hopefully Okiku learned something from her fellow doll. We’re coming to the end here so expect a fantastic ending. Anyhow, time for the media. Enjoy everyone!





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One more episode to go! Stick around for the final review of, Konohana Kitan. See you soon.


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