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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Show us the way, Cut!

Picking up, Cut, has been quite the change up for our 2 girls. Having a pet along on the adventure really brightens the day. Cut, may be new to the group, but he’s learning quite fast. He’s able to talk and even eat bullets now. However, unlike most pets Cut is very unique. Throughout this episode he displays several of his abilities. One of Cut’s abilities is being able to track down the signal fed through the radio. He points in the direction of the signal and our duo decide to head that way. While the way seems clear trouble is about to fall right on top of them. A giant mecha falls before them, yet a unique opportunity has now opened up. Cut, is able to turn the robot on. The girls decide to jump in, but what they were about to experience is what destroyed their world. The robot is a war machine of unimaginable power. Yuu, is quite in love with it, although Chi finds it disturbing. The day in a blaze, still the adventure must go on. Heading towards the radio signal has led the girls into quite the unique scenery. Yet, what awaited them at the end was a mystery to them both. Cut, opens the way open for them, nevertheless danger may be creeping up our girls.

So, looks like our girls found a nuclear powered submarine. Now I doubt anything horrible is going to happen, but the massive bio-hazard signs are a bit ominous. In spite of that I do expect a heart warming ending. Moreover, Cut really makes some adorable noises. He honestly made a great addition to our wondering duo. Anyhow, no fear and time for the media. Enjoy!





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The end is upon us all. Find out how it all goes down next time at, Anime Solution!

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