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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Let’s get this blood fest over with.

Before I re-cap the final episode just know that if you haven’t viewed the episode yet then expect to be spoiled. Anyhow, the final order has been given. 5 class members completed the run and now they must do the unspeakable. The order is to create a human doll out of actual human parts. This doll must have a torso, 2 legs, 2 arms, and a head. Ryou, breaks upon reading this order. He knocks out Nobuaki and announces he’ll offer his 4 limbs. Natsuko, suddenly brings out a chainsaw to begin the operation. Our brave boy goes at it, but sadly the shock killed him after one leg. Aya, awakens to the sight of Ryuo dead. She goes immediately for Natsuko’s throat, however Natsuko cuts her down without a moment notice. The chainsaw now turns to, Riona. Although with just a little luck our sleeping beauty is back. Nobuaki, attempts to reason with Natsuko one final time. The three finalist agree to figure out the code left behind in each dead players phone. Turns out the only way to stop the game is for everyone to die. All bets are off now. Natsuko, goes after Nobuaki first. Riona’s time to shine is now and a chainsaw is the final solution. Natsuko is finally taken down, but she’s not going alone. She’ll be taking Nobuaki with her to the grave. Our King’s game winner is, Riona! It’s a victory, yet so bitter.

What a long and bloody game that was. Now, where to even begin with this ending… Obviously only one person could come out of this alive. This is a horror show after all. Either one lives or no body makes it out. Still, Natsuko has to be the real MVP of the game. She took a chainsaw to the spine and still got back up, just wow. The best part was the heaven scene. I guess all her crimes have been forgiven. She was a good girl after all. RIP, Natsuko. Nobuaki, will also be having a nice after life as well. His girlfriend and friends were there to embrace him upon arrival. As for Riona, well I guess her fate is up in the air. We do end the show with a “to be continued” Don’t hold your breath for another season, but I’m sure you can guess what it means overall. The King’s Game lives on!

Overall, I’d have to say my enjoyment for this anime was about a 7/10. One really has to engage in their suspension of disbelief to get into this type of show. Just enjoy the ride and let the blood fly! Don’t really think about this one too hard. Furthermore, let’s get to the final blood works. Enjoy the end!





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And for those that wanted a good end…

Only dreams now.


Anyhow, the credits have rolled and this is the end. Thanks for checking out our King’s Game reviews. Stay tuned for more here at, Anime Solution!

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