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UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Time to go all out!

Asuna’s plan is now in full force. The name of the game is stall to win. 37 seconds is all they must hold on for in order to win today’s battle. It was a brutal fight, but the Holders just mange to do it before being ripped to pieces. Tota, spawn in a magical circle that traps Negi into another reality. Within this reality Negi faces off against all his former students. A lot of old faces reappear, yet this is still a stall game. Once Asuna appears it is to depart with Negi. The fight is finally over, however a gamble is made. Asuna, leaves the future in Tota’s hands. She will leave with Negi in order to buy him as much time as possible. Moreover, we’re given a final confession of love. Tota, bravely announces he loves, Yukihime. Although he’s met with a quick rejection and his harem isn’t very pleased about this situation. We conclude with one final laugh and a smile.

Well, it’s an anime original ending through and through. Initially I started reviewing this show with a lot of high hopes. I also had only read a few chapters of the manga. However, once I started seeing and reading others reaction to the adaptation I quickly read everything currently translated. Yeah, one could say this is nearly 70% anime original. A lot of content was cut or changed. Some characters didn’t even make it into the show. So, I highly recommend reading the manga if you truly want to get into the UQ Holder world. The manga isn’t perfect by any means, but at least you’ll be getting the real story.

Additionally, I’d like to bring up 3 criticisms just to the anime as a stand alone. If one were to just watch the T.V. airing and not care about the source material you’ll want to note some of these. Number one, this anime had a decent amount of censorship. Some of the censorship is even quite immersive breaking. This goes for both the action and fanservice. Speaking of action this brings up my next point. What is going on with the lighting in every action scene. I’m almost positive this was done on purpose for the blu-ray release, but if not then this was just a poor move. Just about every action sequence during the show had the lights dimmed at some point. You can even see it during the final episode here within the WebMs. Finally, I’d like to bring up a lot of unnecessary dialogue. As I said before there’s a lot of anime original elements in this show, yet that can still be okay. There’s some shows that do make it work. Still, there were numerous lines said throughout the show that could have been cut for less confusion. The most recent notable one was “kitty”. Why even bring this up if this arc will never be animated in the first place?

Now, with all that said and done UQ Holder is still watchable by all means. Personally I’ll be giving it a 6/10, but don’t let my words stop you from enjoying it. I had a pleasure reviewing the show from start to finish. Even if I didn’t enjoy certain parts all the media here was produced to the best of my ability. Anyhow, this was a lot longer than planned, so let’s get on to the media. Enjoy the final review here at, Anime Solution!


The final end card…




Click here for the WebM album.


And that’s a wrap. I’m unsure if anything UQ Holder will return here for the future, but never say never. I hope those that viewed these reviews got what they needed out of them. With that said, UQ Holder out!

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