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Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Ready for some hot and naughty misunderstandings?

Prepare thy heart to go “doki doki”. Episode 8 is mainly a 2 part lewder. First, we begin with love in the air. The entire school seems to be getting closer to one another after the trip. Saori, can’t believe what’s taking place all over the school and is ready to crack down. She enters a room only to find her fellow representative, Sayo. Sayo, has been watching the action first hand and here comes two more. The two girls hide in a locker while two very familiar figures enter. It’s our MC and his little sister. What appeared to be a blow job was just a drink exploding. However, the girls in the locker witness every bit. Saori, can hardly handle it. She burst out, calls the MC a pervert, then runs off. She’s not quite done just yet. After a quick bathroom break she’s going to make an example of, Haruka. Well, let’s just say she has one awkward wardrobe mishap. Those around her notice, but she’s quite oblivious. Stripped pantsu!

Moreover, we get some nopan excitement from, Akiho. She was so excited for pool day that she forget to wear underwear. After swimming she planed to change into her gym clothes, but Haruka asks her out for lunch. At the same time, Sayo, is stalking them for some excitement. Akiho, does all she can to keep her skirt down, yet Haruka seems to be in on it. She eventually gives in and flashes our MC. Haruka, had no idea and was only trying to be alone with his girl to each lunch. Yeah, quite the risky situation, but what a glorious sight.

Anyways, let’s get to that media. Don’t want to talk you out of the mood. Enjoy the lewds!


New Game!




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2 more episodes to go! I’ll be powering through the end here during the week. Keep checking back for more!

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