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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Mission start!

Previously we left off with our trio going off on a mission. This is Asta and Noelle first mission, yet not quite what they were expecting. It’s nothing more than a simple kill and turn in quest. However, once the boar killing is over things take a strange twist. Saussy Village, is covered in thick magical mist. Something not quite right and our gang head into the village. What they find is quite the horrific sight. The village leader appears to be dead and everyone else is about to be executed. Three hooded figures and a man with a scarred face stand before them. These 4 are ruthless and only see the villagers as beasts ready to be put down. Asta and Magna do everything in their power to defend the village, but it’s not enough. Noelle, with her lack of control is unable to help until a young girl pleads to her. Seeing this child begging for help spurred something inside her. Without a moment notice she unlock a new spell and it’s the ultimate defense.

A good piece of this episode is anime original. However, that segment does still fit in fine with the story. Magna’s relation with, Seyhe, was honestly a good addition. It showed where he came from and how he became a magical knight. Original content like this I don’t mind so much. It’s always good in my book to flesh out even the side characters. Anyhow, there’s a mission to be viewed. Enjoy the media!





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Our very first mission is still in progress. Find out how it all goes down next time here at, Anime Solution!


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