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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Bubble pop!

Time for a guest of the highest honor. This time we have a God visiting the hot springs inn. Normally a guest of the inn must have a reservation, but when a guest like this shows up it’s big business. Awanami-sama, simply strolls in and is ready for her scrubbing. VIP’s such as her are typically assigned a head attendant. However, due to the sudden nature today’s esteemed guest falls into the hands of Ren and Yuzu. Ren, does the scrubbing and Yuzu does… Yuzu things. Anyways, out of no where, Awanami, burst into bubbles. Why did this occur? Well, as a God she goes through a constant cycle of life and rebirth. This rebirth process is quite troublesome for our girls though. When she turned into bubbles she went everywhere. This means they must chase her down all over in order to put her back into one piece. Talk about trouble, yet another job well done in the end.

Quite the beautiful God we had this episode. The Japanese folk lore still continues to press on strong. I’m personally hoping for just a fun episode soon, but it’s all good either way. Anyhow, ready to see a Goddess getting scrubbed? On to the media, enjoy!





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Remember to handle your Goddess with care. More fox girl goodness to come here at, Anime solution.


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