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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Ready for your first mission?

It’s time for our two newest recruits to go on their very first mission. However, the circumstances surrounding this mission are a bit odd. Earlier, Yami and Magna go on a “mission”. This mission is actually strip poker. The two of them lose everything, yet Yami wants to play once more. He makes a bet that he’ll do anything if he loses the current hand. Sadly his luck is down and he’s tasked with dealing with some boars. Yami, then passes the mission onto the new recruits. Asta, quite excited, but Noelle is less than impressed. Additionally, neither of them can get to the mission location. Time for senpai Magna to show off. Ready for a ride on the Crazy Cyclone? Moreover, unknown to everyone a dire plot is brewing and we’re given just a glimpse before the credits roll out.

Well, they are really going hard on the anime original content. I do understand why now. I’ve been out of the loop, so sorry if this is late to report out. Black Clover, is getting 51 episodes. Yeah, get ready for the long run with this one. Not sure how I’ll tackle this all for the future, but I’ll keep it going for now. Anyhow, time for some media. Enjoy!





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The mission just started, but the action begins next time. Don’t miss out on Asta’s first chance to shine.

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