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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Family troubles ahead.

Feeling a little shipwrecked? Well, our newest guest to the show has drifted to the other side. This is just a temporary visit though. Anyhow, Rei, is currently having some life troubles and is on the edge. These troubles are mainly due to the fact that she’s a liar. She doesn’t lie to trick others, but to spice up life. Those around her don’t enjoy her lying games very much. As such she’s left friendless and has developed a damaged family relationship. Yuzu, won’t allow her to feel down for long. She reminds her that there’s someone that does enjoy hearing her tales. Sure enough once she crosses back over that someone was just there. Rei’s tall tales has finally made her a friend.

The second half of the episode somewhat connects back with the first part. Now we have 2 souls that have crossed over. First, what appears to be a young boy abandoned by his family is now running amok. The boy refuses to go back home and he’s not alone with this statement. Meanwhile, a guest at the inn also yells he refuses to go back home. The boy directly approaches the man and they both begin to explain their troubles. Turns out they are not so different from one another. Both are having family issues of the same nature. After some deep reflection they both cross back over. What awaited them both would be a new addition to a family and a life long friend.

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