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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Anime Solution presents, Sankarea, as its Halloween featured post!

Zombies, what better way to get into the spirit of the holiday. One boy obsession with the living dead is where our story begins. Chihiro, is infatuated with just about everything that has to do with zombies. Even his interest in love is a longing for a undead female. Anyhow, one faithful day he’s pushed to the edge. The family pet, Baabu, had been struck by a truck and killed. Chihiro, is unable to accept this and remembers a book he obtained while helping a relative. This book contained text to make a potion of revival. Now with a goal in mind, Chihiro, digs up Baabu and heads for an abandoned building. There he works in private, or so he thought. The site that Chihiro had picked was also used by another. Our female lead, Rea, visit the place to shout out her family problems. Chihiro, hides his presence for a time, but he’s eventually caught listening in. Now a faithful union has been forged, but the consequences to come are quite dire to the say the least.

Sankarea, has personally been a favorite of mine for quite a few years now. Yes, the story for it is long over, but I loved it all. It also just so happened that the story fit perfectly for the day. So, it’s a great way to present a new series here! However, do note that I can not commit to a full review to this show currently. Think of this as just a special treat for Halloween. There may be a time where more can be done though. Anyways, that’s enough chatting. Enjoy!


And now for a taste of things to come…




Click here for the WebM album.


Lastly, a special thank you for all those that joined us during this Halloween posting. Have a safe night all!


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