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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Natural talent or hard work?

Today’s episode picks right back up where it left off. We’re in the middle of the magical knights exam and Asta has just taken down his opponent. One fight may be over, but a certain rival is ready to shine as well. Even though Yuno is gifted he’s looked down due to his poor background. A noble up in the clouds believes he can take advantage of this fact. Yuno, is mocked and challenged, yet it was over in a flash. The four leaf clover grimoire is no laughing matter. Finally the testing had come to a close. Major decisions were now going to be made whether one made it in or not. Yuno’s performance was above and beyond. His talent had each knight leader wanting him. In the end he decides to join the Golden Dawn. Asta, on the other hand isn’t so lucky. What he displayed is unknown to the world of magic. Only one individual showed interest in Asta, Yami. The leader of the Black Bulls put on one terrifying display, but in the end he likes what Asta has to offer. Asta, future and our story now head for the worse organization among the magical knights.

Well, with today’s episode we conclude chapter 3 from the source material. I honestly can’t believe its been 5 episodes and we’re just about to start chapter 4. Next week will just be introductions from the pace we’re going. Additionally, this week episode showed the limits of the budget. The art is showing signs, but interestingly enough one of the random fights was animated quite well this episode. Anyhow, onto the media. Enjoy!





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Join us next Tuesday for the introduction of the Black Bulls. It’s going to be one rowdy episode!

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