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Fate/Apocrypha T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

The garden of Eden awaits…

Caster of Black betrayal is the main focus of episode 14. However, his former master, Roche, is none the wiser. If you’ve seen been following the story then you’ll know this caster been looking for a core. A core to power his most powerful creation, Adam. The core that he previously desired got away, but another core was always close by. Roche, would be the new core to bring about Avicebron’s dream. Once preparations were complete the giant golem marched upon his former master stronghold. The forces of Black may have been in shambles, but a noble stand was still put together. The combined strength of Ruler, Archer of Black, and both Sabers were enough to put down this mighty giant. Now old enemies are today’s friends.

Episode 14 was rough to say the least. I know Fate anime productions as of late have been know to be grand slams in terms of art and animation. Yet, this episode really drops the ball. A-1 is a mixed bag of performances, but this seemed like a rush job at best. Hopefully things get touched up for the blu-ray release. Besides that we’re given some minor fan service from Ruler. Although it’s kinda quality ridden too… Anyhow, let’s get to episode 14 media. Enjoy!






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