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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Time to kick back and relax!

It’s a day off for both, Yuzu and Satsuki. These two have been hard at work doing their utmost at the hot springs inn. As such a day off is rewarded to our duo. Yuzu, being new to the area has yet to explore anything beyond her working grounds. Satsuki, takes it upon herself to show Yuzu around. However, some minor drama does ensue. Both these characters are new to one another and we all know how anime misunderstandings go. Anyways, after a brief separation and then finding one another they grow ever closer together. A true heart felt warm towards the end of this episode.

Konohana Kitan, continues to be beautiful in both art and animation. It’s a slow story, but visually impressive. Speaking of visuals there’s some fanservice again this episode! However, only one bath scene this time around. A little Satsuki skin is good for the soul. I’d expect scenes like this for most episodes to come. Overall, another great episode and I’ll continue to look forward to more. Anyhow, enjoy the media below!





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