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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

I hope you’re up for a flash back!

After ending things off on cliffhanger last week we’re taken a bit back. Back to a time when our duo were not even rivals. This episode mainly tells the tale of how Asta’s and Yuno’s rivalry came to be. Growing up is tough, but we all have go through some changes. Well, maybe not Asta. Anyhow, it’s time for Yuno to break out of his shell! Yuno, use to be a bit of a cry baby, but a chance encounter with a poor drunk changed everything. While he stood there in fear his best friend dove in to save his precious necklace. Asta, was beaten badly, but that didn’t stop him from tiring out the thief. After seeing what Asta had done Yuno swore a pledge that day. He vowed that he too would become the Magical Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. Now with our duo competing for the top spot in their country a grand rivalry is born! Finally, our cliffhanger ends towards the last piece of the episode. The cannon fodder is swiftly defeated, but there’s still more to come!

This week episode was quite interesting. Black Clover, is known for being fast paced, but instead opted in for a flash back episode. I personally don’t mind adding back story to characters, but I know it can bog down others. Anyways, since this is the beginning of the anime I’d let it slide for now. Otherwise the anime is keeping up with great art and animation so far. I’m hoping everything stays consistent throughout its airing. Also, a big fan of the visuals for the new opening. Now let’s get to that media. Enjoy!


OP: This week includes the first appearance of the opening!


Episode 2: Onto this week media…



ED: We also get the ending this week!




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